Building the Future for Webuild

Exhibition design and immersive installations at Triennale Design Museum

Building the Future - Infrastructure and Benefits for People and Territories is a temporary exhibition on infrastructure, innovation and sustainability promoted by Webuild Group with Triennale Milano.

A curatorial project we designed to make anyone experience the world of large public infrastructures that have enabled economic, environmental and social development for entire nations and future generations.


At the core is the idea of an emotional narrative able to bring the general public closer to complex issues and technologies. With this in mind, we selected some of the most interesting large-scale infrastructures built over the years in different countries. 

To accomplish this, we designed a series of multimedia installations that were integrated into lightweight structures. Simple geometric shapes, giving visitors the chance to learn, experiment, and engage with engineering works.

In particular, we highlighted how these works were created, what needs they met, how they were built, what innovations made them possible, and what impact they had in economic, environmental, social, and cultural terms.


There are eight areas in the exhibition. By walking through a digital tunnel consisting of a series of arched ledwalls, visitors are introduced to the world of construction.

They can choose to navigate the excavations of subways around the world, walk through the construction site of the new Genoa St. George Bridge, and listen to the story of one of the most brilliant engineering enterprises of the past two decades directly from the bottom of the Las Vegas artificial lake, or admire the rescue of the Abu Simbel temples. They can cross the Aswan Dam and land in the room of the future, a dreamlike environment with projections of projects to come.


Each area is in dialogue with site-specific installations specially designed by architects, landscapers, artists and international thinkers to encourage a discussion about the role of infrastructure in people's lives and the areas where they live. 

Production: Webuild Group with Triennale Design Museum

Curated by Leftloft with Nina Bassoli

Site-specific projects by: Bureau Bass Smets; Fosbury Architecture; Michel Desvigne Paysagiste; Mosbachen Paysagistes with Shandor Chury Ovvo Studio; Studio Ossidiana with Giovanni Hanninen; Superflux studio

Installation design: Leftloft with Thebuss

Installation work: Benfenati; Eletech; Fidogroup; Marzorati; Orfware Interactive Experience

Photo installation view: Andrea Artoni


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