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A new design system for a leading player in the exhibition market

Fiera Milano Group is the Italian leader and one of the major world players in the exhibition markets, with a specific focus on trade fairs and conventions. It has been organising and hosting shows and international events and fairs in Milan and around the world since 1920.

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, we were asked to develop a digital project to better define its wide range of services among engineering and construction services, technical set-up and logistics, hospitality and media services.

The website redesign includes a corporate website and four landing pages corresponding to the group's main areas of services. 

Fiera Milano

The four landing pages meet the Fiera's main users: exhibitors, investors, suppliers and visitors. The contents and functions are different depending on the page. Each user has his own dedicated space: information on how to reach the venues, documents' archives for exhibitors, dynamic data on stock market progress, instructions on how to register in the supplier register. 

Fiera Milano has several worldwide corporate websites to manage, from Brazil to South Africa and many others in Italy. In order to face this complexity, we built a robust design system to allow each different team in charge to update every single website. Moreover, they were able to quickly choose content, design e develop websites.  Leftloft improves this system using a centralized model technique and sharing with Fiera Milano developer's partners all the Design Principles, Brand Identity Visual Design Language, Components and Patterns.


In collaboration with

Website development - Deloitte Digital
Corporate websites dev based on design system - INDRA
Photo - Filippo Romano


      An overview of our wide fields of action

      • Logos & Trademarks

        What makes a brand memorable and unique.

      • Environments & Exhibits

        Designing for spaces: from signage to cultural display, from retail to events

      • Art & Culture

        We had the chance to work for museums, institutions and organization in Italy and worldwide

      • Educational

        Designing for school publishing

      • Type Design

        We love typography, we design typefaces, from lettering to complete custom type families.

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