LFT Etica Sheriff

The moralist typefamily goes West.

LFT Etica Sheriff is the slab serif extension from Leftloft. LFT Etica Sheriff began as a commissioned work which was already using LFT Etica as their sans typeface in some of their online work.

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LFT Etica Sheriff matches its predecessor’s towering x-height, making the lighter weights seem narrower and the heavier weights seem wider in their stance. These and many more details give LFT Etica Sheriff the combined ability to have a genial chat and the authority to tell you it’s happening right now.

The LFT Etica Sheriff family has a total of 36 weights — from light to extrabold and in condensed and compressed widths, all with matching italics. This ensures expanded use while maintaining the same personality, and it creates an harmonious texture when combined.


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